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Course Name Preferred Training Tools Duration
Digital Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CC 1 Month
CorelDraw CorelDraw 1 Month
Photoshop Adobe Photoshop CC 2 Months
Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro 2 Months
Audio-Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe Audition 2 Months
Working With Audio Adobe Audition 1 Month
Visual Effect - After Effects After Effects 1 Month
Visual Effect - Nuke Nuke 3 Months
Web Weaver Dreamweaver 2 Months
Web Animation and Scripting with Animate CC Animate CC 3 Months
Designing for Web using Markup Language and Style Sheet HTML5 & CSS3 2 Months
Matchmoving 1 Month
2D Digital Animation Animate CC 3 Months
CAD Auto CAD 2 Months
3D Animation with 3Ds Max 3Ds Max 5 Months
Advance 3D Animation with Maya Maya 5 Months

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